Program Chair: Emmanuel Monod, Paris-Dauphine University (France)
2022 Division Scholarly Program: Call for Submissions


In our division, the “change of managerial practices” and the “adjustment to challenges” described in the AOM 2022 theme Creating a Better World Together have always been our focus. In addition, our distinction has always been to give a voice to the practitioners and to the scholar-practitioners. Practitioners might come either from private companies, public companies, public institutions or NGOs. They may also be individual consultants, Ph.D. students or professional doctorates students, such as executive Ph.D. students and DBA students.

Our review team will use a different set of criteria related to two categories of submissions: 1) practitioner-oriented and 2) academic-oriented. Whereas the criteria for evaluating the submissions from professional doctorates students such as executive Ph.D. and DBA students are included in the first category (practitioners), the submissions of Ph.D. students will be considered as included in the second (academic).

  • Practitioner-oriented submissions shall be evaluated through their contribution to practice. The evaluation will include criteria such as the description of business problems, the collection of first-hand data through interviews, but also through observations, internal documents or internal surveys, the management recommendations or the management relevance. Such a relevance does not exclude rigor, but the bad money of excessive academic rigor shall not chase the good money of relevance to management.

  • By contrast, academic-oriented submissions require a higher contribution to theory, while still focusing on management practice in our division. The criteria for evaluating academic papers include the theories used for understanding the business problems, the research issues, the research questions, the literature review, the research methods, the scientific rigor; but also, in our division, the management relevance.

Whether you are a practitioner such as a manager or an individual consultant, a DBA student, a Ph.D. student an academic with knowledge about the consulting industry and practices, there shall be room for you at the MCD. Our mission is to be the home of the practitioners and practice-oriented doctoral students at the Academy of Management!

Submissions should be related (but not limited to) the following topics:

  1. The creation of future organizations, systems, and processes, especially through change management, mergers and acquisitions, communities of practice, strategy, organization, digital platforms, digital transformation, information technologies implementation, leadership/followership consulting, executive coaching

  1. The improvement of the structures that already exist including project management, product development and innovation, information technologies implementation, enterprise systems, enterprise social media, internal consulting services or external consulting services

  1. The future skills needed by companies, and institutions, including managerial practice, project management, product development and innovation, IT implementation, SMEs consulting, change and consulting skills learning, consulting careers or consulting competencies acquisition

  1. The future of work in companies and institutions, including individual consultant, group and inter-group interventions, action research, academic research applied to consulting or consultant as a researcher

  1. The response to new challenges by companies and institutions including organizational development (OD), socio-economic approaches to management (SEAM), appreciative inquiry, complexity theory approaches, storytelling or digital consulting approaches

More broadly, should companies and institutions seek to adapt to what exists or should they attempt to create a new world? Shall they conduct such transformation on their own or with the support of consulting firms? Shall this consulting support come from individual consultants, large consulting firms or academics? More than ever, these adjustments to challenges may require finding new ways to bridge management research and management practice, which is the mission of our division. Please consider submitting to the MC division.

Let us create a better world through scholar-practitioners’ contributions!