The Academy of Management’s Branding Guidelines provide a single source of reference for AOM’s visual identity and brand elements. It is meant to collect many of the practices already in use by AOM volunteers and staff, while also correcting and updating some areas where the brand is being used in ways that dilute the brand and make it less effective. Overall, this document is meant to be flexible as elements will be updated as the AOM brand evolves and grows.

What is a brand and why do we have branding guidelines?

A brand is, quite simply, an organization’s overall image in society. It is the thoughts and emotions that are evoked when “Academy of Management” is mentioned. It is how the organization is perceived by the public, and it’s also AOM’s promise to uphold the values we represent. The AOM brand combines every touchpoint we make with our audience--from membership renewal emails to face-to-face networking at the Annual Meeting. 

Through the consistent presentation and representation of our brand, AOM forges strong bonds with our audience. AOM’s logo is our most visible representation of our brand, but it’s just a single element in a complex image. Branding encompasses the language we use, the fonts and colors we select, our tone, our events, and every communication we produce. How we’re perceived is established on multiple levels, not only the way we look, but most importantly, through our members’ experiences.

A brand has a powerful impact on people and communities. By creating a strong brand, we can continue to shape the way people think and feel about the Academy of Management. Using these brand standards will ensure that the look and feel of AOM stays consistent when it goes out to meet the wider world. It is vitally important that, as representations our brand, we are disciplined in the way we present the organization. Everyone in the organization embodies the brand, and while we urge you to use your creativity to bring the AOM to life, it is important to do so within these guidelines.

Brand Positioning

The Academy represents more than a professional association: it represents a bridge to the future of management and organization science. All AOM members, volunteers and staff have an obligation to represent the Academy’s brand through face-to-face and online communications. By presenting professional, consistent messages and a unified look, AOM’s reputation, name recognition and brand become stronger.

Please visit About AOM for information on AOM's mission, vision, and values.

Using AOM's Brand

Our brand is something all members and staff should be proud of! Adhering to these guidelines helps strengthen our brand and support our identity and the mission and values we represent.

Take the time now to change default fonts in Outlook, Word and Excel. When creating new documents, make sure the correct fonts and colors are being used.

The Communications and Marketing Team can assist with converting to these guidelines, whether it’s designing a customized logo, reviewing and formatting documents, or helping to install the right typeface on your computer. It should be noted that this is a “living” document. As new media and uses come to the fore, these recommendations are sure to evolve to accommodate them.

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